Items traded-in towards music servers, and also units from customer upgrades, ie: 

customer upgrades legacy mk1 to revision mk2, Mini to MiniMax or Maximus etc

Shipping options:  worldwide shipping from Poland, local delivery within the UK & Poland.

If an end user transfers ownership of an LAL product to another end user, the remainder of the warranty period may also transfer to the new owner, subject to inspection.

*Sometimes we might have used units from customer upgrades i.e. mk1 to mk2 server, so feel free to ask:

Trade in equipment currently available:

-Horns FP15 Speakers with stands.

-Tatic 2A3 Monoblock Amplifiers.

*all items in full working order, fully tested by our technician, buy with confidence and peace of mind

*Special Offer – fully reworked and tuned by LAL, Amare Musica Diamond Music Server, excellent quality of the chassis, fully reworked OS supplied with our industry leading support.

-two units of Amare Musica Diamond Music Server in the spotless condition in the original flight case