It is with great pleasure that Lucas Audio Labs introduces the Lucas Domansky Music Server (LDMS). This digital music server is the result of many years of intensive research and development in order to achieve the ultimate in digital sound reproduction. Many fellow audiophiles around the world have reached the conclusion that this device manages to address most of the shortcomings that plague the digital domain, resulting in music reproduction which is more refined, immersive and utterly authentic, having superb rhythm and flow, clear and crisp midrange, more realistic timbre, greater speed, presence and body, with a holographic sound-stage. However, words are cheap – it really has to be heard to be believed.
The best way to determine the performance of this device for yourself, and what it can do for your musical pleasure, is to arrange a listening session in your own listening environment at home.

Featuring unique optimisation techniques in the system architecture and software and a bespoke hardware implementation for virtually jitter-free playback, featuring:

  • EMI/RFI shielding.
  • Extreme operating system and playback optimisation.
  • USB reclocking.
  • *recloked SPDIF/ i2s output
  • Vibration control.
  • Chassis dampening.
  • True galvanic isolation.
  • Thermal optimisation.
  • Robust SSD with flexible storage expansion.
  • Premium-quality, ultra-clean programmable linear power supply, minimising electrical noise.

The sonic performance and fine-tuning of the Lucas Audio Lab LDMS has been extensively validated through painstaking listening sessions over many hundreds of hours, as should always be the case for any truly artisan product. We believe the results speak for themselves and our customers do too!