Standard finishes are:

-Silver anodized brushed aluminium

-Silver brushed clear satin powder coated.

-black, powder coated, very fine structure.

-burgundy, powder coated  satin or very fine structure

 upon  request, we also offer fully bespoke finishes for both front panel and chassis: rare and sonically beneficial woods such as Palisander, Cocobolo, African Ebony. Additionally: Walnut, Pear, Maple, Cherrywood, Oak, etc., and a whole variety of leather and fabric finishes. Please contact us for pricing.

Available products:
-LDMS Maximus 430W x 420D x 115H mm (L x W x H) (4TB+Recloker+external linear power supply)
*additional storage can be fitted as extra (max 4x 4 TB)
*fully bespoke design, and finish, including exotic wood, powder coated, and anodized aluminium options
*better shielding, and grounding than Mini

The system is very compact and highly optimized in terms of thermal performance (no thermal throttling or overheating under any circumstances!)

-LDMS miniMax SLIM  276W x 400D x 115H mm (including Switching power supply)
* max 2x4TB SSD or NVMe, *external LPSU can be added as extra
* can be built into full sized Maximus chassis on request
* extra grounding plates and shielding can be fitted as extra
-LDMS miniMAX 430W x 420D x 115H mm (L x W x H)
-LDMS PICO  245W x 245D x 70H mm (including Switching power supply)
*max 1x4TB storage, network streaming, *external LPSU can be added as extra
– no support for Roon core!
-supports Roon Bridge
-comes with its own music management system, and streaming integration

All servers can be linked to music shares on the local network, and also stream from Tidal and Qobuz

output via: RJ45, USB, *HDMI, *COAX, *I2S

(*optional extras)

– NEW 2022 Hybrid power supply 270W x 320D x 80H mm 6kg,
alternatively its available in a deeper case  to match depth of SLIM or miniMAX  270W x 400D x 80H
fully programmable to allow wider     degree of tweaking the sound, usable in the range from: 5V to 28V DC 5A (6A peak)
 – volt drop compensation for long DC umbilical cables,
 – configurable trigger function via 3.5mini jack socket  out / in
–  recommended fuse value: 5x20mm 2A at 230/240VAC mains, 4A at 110-150VAC mains

-LDMS NANO – Network audio adapter NAA (very compact endpoint equipped with USB, RJ45, HDMI )

requires 5V DC to operate,

Playback file format: no limitation to format, size or sampling rate, it will play virtually anything.

Can be configured with LMS interface

-Dedicated bespoke audio NAS (20 – 60TB, Soundproofed, SSD buffer and Quad LAN)

Depending on your requirements, LDMS can be configured with native format playback or on the fly up sampling from PCM up to DSD 512, including multichannel. The system is also ready to go beyond DSD512 if desired once adequate DAC chips become available; DSD 1024 and 2048.

Additionally available is a dedicated, audio-optimised NAS (Network Addressed Storage) server, which provides network-fed streaming playback that is at least as good as playback from files stored on locally-attached media, such as internal or USB-attached SSD/hard drives. Storage capacities range from 8TB to 60TB and even beyond. This allows you to get as close to the ultimate dual-server configuration experience as possible (split roles; DAC/Player and library manager), at a fraction of the usual cost. The necessity of a NAS really depends on the library size itself, however, research has shown me that an audio-optimised external NAS server for storage proposes, regardless of the number of drives within the music server itself, is the optimal configuration for the ultimate sonic reproduction. This configuration ensures that it is easier to extend storage space and grow your library without compromising sonic performance, since playback occurs from local LDMS system memory. Communication between the NAS server and the LDMS music playback server is audio-optimised to ensure optimized communication between the two. Naturally, my solution is modular and extensible – in the case of a smaller music library initially, storage can be on an internal/locally-attached device, with the option to migrate to NAS-based library storage in the future, if required, as the music library grows.

Lucas Audio Lab can also supply and install solutions to optimize your existing network infrastructure. We are happy to undertake installations of dedicated audio networks and power lines with grounding schemes for audio/video needs.
LDMS is designed for reliability and long-life, but most importantly, for peace of mind. As part of our service, you will also receive expert technical support since 95% of issues or product updates can be addressed and resolved via a simple remote connection session.

We are expanding our range of products:

  • audio optimised Router and Switch (coming soon)
  • LAN and USB cables
  • Server with build-in DAC and optionally reclocking module ( Player style all-in-one box, for convenience and space-saving, so all you need to unleash musical bliss  is a connection to preamplifier or integrated amplifier  )
  • dual mono Power amplifier 40Wpc

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