Munich High End Society 2019 – room E206 ATRIUM 4 2.OG

LucasAudioLab will provide music source for JoSound and will be showcased with Ideon Audio Absolute DAC, supplemented by StavEssence and FinalTouchAudio Cables.


First Audio Show of 2019 – BristolHIFI,

LDMS music server will be showcased in room 208 alongside brand new Audio Detail 211 monoblock amps and hORNS Aria1 speakers,Ideon Audio 3r MasterTime, FTA USB Callisto

for hardcore analogue fans we will have Tascam 32 2B with spools of original master tapes!! lest see how MQA will hold up to a  tonality king of the past.


Athens during Audio Show 2018 24-25 November located in Radisson Blu Park Hotel

Warsaw Audio/Video Show 2018
LDMS was showcased with Ideon Audio Room 208 Radisson Blue Sobieski
Manron gm70 integrated amp
Horns Aria II
Gekko interconnects cables
Ideon Absolute DAC

all of the above linked by Stavessence LAN & USB .
HiFi PIG Impresions of the system

Swiss High End Audio Show in Zurich 2018:
after success in Munich 2018 it made sense to follow up and make apparence of LDMS in Zurich , in accompaniment of Aries Cerat electronics; Genus tube amplifier and Kassandra PCM DAC, not to be confused for its portable footprint W5 Boenicke speakersas those do deliver suprisingly powerful and full image, digital front was linked by tried and trusted Stavessence LAN & USB

Royal Leamington Spa 2018:
Together with brand new German power front by Thoress Hybrid Monoblock amps & dedicated Preamplfer, presentet on classy Alpin Line audio rack, Skogrand Cables, final pinch of magic provided by Stavessence LAN & USB

Cranage estate , North West Audio show 2018:
after successful debut at Cranage in June 2017 rewarded for the best sound of the show, LDMS music server has been showcased again, this time in 3 rooms:
HiFi Pig show report .

1st Main Suite with £250k worth of audio equipment Diapason Dynamis speakers and Kron KR amps, synergised by Skogrand IC and speaker cables

2nd Malvern Audio Research room with extravagant black and red hORNS Universums speakers and powered by Audio Detail excellent sounding signature amplification utilising KR 211, Brimar 807, 6J5GT valves

3rd room was more down to earth and simulated typical conditions of a small room in the apartment

Thoress amps with Pre and Erotic Existence cross-over-less speakers, all three room have been fulfilled by extraordinary LAN & USB cables made by Stavessence

Munich 2018:
Twin LDMS setup(Server+Player) showcased with Kroon audio Kronzilla and KR p135 active pre,Gekko Cables,Gigawatt pc evo4 power condytioner,Vivid giya g2 Speakers,PinkTriangle turntable