Frequently asked questions:

Q: Where I can hear one of the LucasAudioLab products?

A: We have showrooms across the UK, also we do participate in most of Audio shows,


Q: How can I order?

A: Use order form and request follow up or reach to us via email or telephone.


Q: Which server/streamer is right for my needs?

A: Contact us via email or telephone for the best bespoke experience.


Q: My music room doesn’t sound right, can you help me?

A: We do provide consultation service and undertake; room treatment, LAN infrastructure, external grounding installation and optimisations.


Q: but its all ones&zeros + CRC,  so how can it sound any different to my (insert any DIY or budget digital source here)

A: of course if you have the skill you should build and program your own but, by looking solely at narrow-spectrum of protocol design and limited transport mechanics, assuming its, all the same, this is the biggest misconception of digital audio, reach out for dialogue or demonstration.