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My LDMS is a mini built into a maximus case together with a stage 2 reclocker, along with a linear power supply and upgraded wiring. Since I do no upsampling, this setup suits me perfectly. The LDMS replaces SOtM equipment including an sms 200 ultra, tx-usb ultra, and sclk-ocx 10. My dac is a Lampizator Golden Atlantic TRP with Tesla EL51 and Shuguang GZ480 tubes. I was very happy with the sound I was getting from the SOtM equipment, but the LDMS is better in every respect that I can think of. For me, the greatest improvement is that music now takes on impressive body, the kind of feeling that one gets at live concerts. Part of this is improved bass, but there is a lot more going on. I’m no longer ‘viewing’ a sound stage, but now I’m immersed in a music event that is huge — deep, wide, and high. Tonally as well, everything is perfect. I’m actually amazed that one can achieve such great sound without spending a fortune. Thank you, Lucas!

Ronald Fintushel

Ronald Fintushel

2021 MI, USA

“Lucas visited me again yesterday in order to bring some final (technical) touches to his server. What Lucas D exactly did, he can explain much better than I can. Furthermore, we added so higher quality cables between the re-clocker and the server.
To cut things short: the new server beats my former server in every regard: more command, better bass, lower noise floor, additional refinement, fluidity and un-mechanicalness and more transparency. To put it shortly: the music presentation has become much more real (or some would say: much more analogue-like or musical).
The extreme built quality of my
la-assoluta speakers and Tri-Point audio grounding results in an audio set up that is extremely revealing, that is every change for the better or worse can be identified quite easily.
The server of Lucas is by far the best server I have ever heard. The differences for the better are far from subtle!. Guys, get this server for your files replay with your Lampizator DAC’s: you will not regret because it is damn good!!!

Prof. dr. R.J de Vries

Prof. dr. R.J de Vries

professor of tax law at Nyenrode Business UniversiTY

“I am delighted with the LDMS server provided by Lucas. I have recently retired and have always had an interest in good music systems but this was restricted to CD and LP. I knew I had to explore streaming but was struggling to get started and then I was introduced to Lucas who did all the thinking an explaining for me.
He introduced his server into my system in February and I have not looked back. Allied with Roon and a NAS I now have access to a much bigger library and the sound quality is tremendous. I was always concerned it would be overly digital but nothing could be further from the truth and it now shows more space, depth and feel than the CD. It is world-class in my opinion.
The other real advantage is that Lucas is always on hand to remotely fix any hiccups, these have been just a few and far between but when a connection to DAC has been lost, Lucas has fixed it in less than 5 minutes – the after-sales service has been fantastic.
I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone wanting to go down the server route, either for the first time or with an upgrade to trial the LDMS.


Mark J.



“We are delighted to write this recommendation letter for our trading partner and server supplier at
the same time, Mr Lucas Domansky. We are 100% confident that all our happy customers who have
been served by Us or Lucas can sign themselves under those words with both hands, just as we do.
This is a long time fruitful relationship which we are in and we never had a single failure coming from
anyone who had been served by LDMS, neither disappointment expressed by the customer. That’s
why we are proudly offering LDMS streamer available in 3 different tiers, plus endless custom ways on request,
for the device alone and software and the network optimisations. Plus, future-proof support, which
is, we truly believe that a KEY word to stick within quickly changing the digital world we are leaving in.
Anyone interested in a demo of the LDMS servers, located down South of England, is more than
welcome to book an appointment with us and visit our demo room to learn more about those
devices and enjoy listening to it and other well working together products making The System.”

Greg Drygala

Greg Drygala

 CEO at G Point Audio 

“I was introduced to Lucas by a client of mine about 6 months ago. Having bought 3 MELCO N1ZS/2A units already I was a little sceptical to venture on a purchase of another media server, but my friend insisted that LDMS was really one of a kind. And right he was! I initially decided to set up LDMS with JRiver because it is the only commercial playback software that had support for ISO and WV files. LDMS delivered an exceptional sonic spectrum, crystal clear and tight, I dare say that with the right auxiliary gear (IDEON Reclocker Unit + Hi-performance USB cables) it gave such a boost to my system that the sound coming from my ProAc Response speakers seemed to originate from systems well into hi-end territory. I have now bought 3 LDMS units with 4 TB SSD drives to replace my MELCO units in all my systems and never looked back ever since.
Let me also say that Lucas Domansky has also been extremely helpful throughout the set-up process as well as providing continuous after-sales support and giving numerous insights on how to improve the sound even further.
For all those that are into the absolute sound quest, a stop at Lucas Audio Lab may prove to be a true revelation.”


Victor M.

 CEO at Network Bookings LTD

“I switched from a disc-based system to a computer-based system about 6 years ago, and started off using a Mac mini as my server. I upgraded to an Aurender X100 (I think!) and then to the W20.
Although the W20 sounded very good, it wouldn’t play DSD256 or show files bigger than 2gb, and I was beginning to acquire quite a few DSD256 files.
 By this stage, early last year I guess, I had met Lucas Domansky through Greg Drygala of Gpoint Audio (who had got me into my Lampi Golden Gate valve DAC). So when I found that Lucas was developing his own server I signed up for it, and I think I was one of his very first customers. A few months ago Lucas upgraded my server (which was effectively a prototype) to what I have now.
I find the SQ of Lucas’s server to be absolutely great, but in addition to that (obviously fundamental) fact there are other reasons why I am very happy to have ended up as a Lucas customer”
-I admire Lucas hugely for developing his own server, I am very fond of him personally and now regard him as a friend, and I am very happy to be helping him to establish a class-leading server
-His customer service is astonishingly good- I am only moderately computer savvy and he is always available on Anydesk to sort out any computer issues I have.
-My server uses Roon plus HQ Player, which I think are both brilliant
-My music (all 16 Tb of it) is stored on internal SSDs, which Lucas has modified to maximise performance and minimise RFI interference
-I like having a separate linear power supply
-I know that Lucas will be developing his server further in the future and that I (and other owners) have a guaranteed and simple upgrade path without having to sell and repurchase.


Philip C.
2018 London, UK


“Following the recommendation of some trusted audio-friends, I finally ordered an LDMS server. Since I‘m mostly playing native streaming from Tidal or NAS, I did not need a lot of upsampling power nor internal storage. Having experienced the impressive improvements the Master Time reclocker from Ideon brought in a friends system I decided to go for this option.
In October Lucas visited me in Zurich to install the server at my home where it replaces an Auralic Aries Femto. Rest of the chain consists of Lampizator TRP, Einstein the Pre MKIII and Acoustic Invader Power Amp feeding Boenickes W8 SE+.
The fact that Lucas shows up at your home installing the server tells you a lot about the philosophy of the company and the state of the art service quality. The server runs extremely stable so you won’t need much post transaction servicing but whenever I have a question, or when a software update is available, Lucas answers within a few minutes or provides help per remote session.
There is a variety of different front plates and LED lights available including some fancy woods so you will be able to match the looks to your rig. I chose the black brushed aluminium version with a blue LED.
Next thing worth mentioning is that the LDMS is not just an off the shelf product. Don’t get me wrong, the server sounded great out of the box and I could have lived happily with it. But part of the service is that Lucas adjusts the settings to match the sound to the rest of the chain and to personal preferences. After 2-3 hours we had the sound exactly where I wanted it.
The LDMS has been in use for a couple of weeks now. It is silent, reliable, doesn’t get hot and has gotten even better sonically with additional burn-in time. In terms of sound quality, it outperforms the Auralic Aries Femto in all aspects: it’s more analogue sounding with a larger soundstage, better imaging and depth. Tonality is very credible; instruments have more body and tone. The sound is more palpable and 3D. Bass reaches deeper and kicks harder revealing more details. Same is true for the midrange where more details can be heard. Such details are presented in a natural manner and never sound artificial. The treble is silky and smooth.
The server wants to be powered by high-quality cables. I have tried out a variety of power cables on the reclocker (needs separate cable) and the LPSU and the improvements a high-end cable makes is stunning. So also for the connection LPSU to the server I recommend to settle for a higher quality cable which Lucas offers.
If you are considering to upgrade your digital frontend, I can wholeheartedly recommend to look out for an LDMS server.”


Zurich, CH 2019


After long and sometimes more or less enjoyable hours via my first streamer I’ve purchased from now renown Chinese company, I decided that the time has come to change it as continues crashes of SW, device rebooting etc., unsatisfactory user experience made me really tired. It sounded solid and I did not complain or did not have major objections in this regard but as mentioned user experience just started to be less and less enjoyable.
While juggling all this in my head, along came my bellowed LampizatOr Golden Gate DAC which just transformed my system in all possible imaginable directions and pain caused by using the aforementioned streamer just become too much to handle. Popping up Lampi DAC in my rig did not only tremendously elevate my musical experience but it brought to light many new friends in real life which share the same passion for music and gear like I do. Among these guys (guess this is fate) was a Polish guy (computer and HiFi freak/geek with great pair of ears) making his bread and butter in the UK, named Lucas Domansky.
I’ve just mentioned that he is a computer freak/geek and at some point in life he decided to combine his passion and love to music with his other dark side 😉 named computers to create a bespoke and phenomenal sounding music server. Talking within the group for months, seeing each other in long days, nights and weekend sessions I had a chance to hear his server in several systems always being able to squeeze that few additional drops of juice, which we are all seeking to squeeze from our bellowed systems and hobby. Yes, I have to mention this few drops of juice in already great systems could turn into solid stream of additional juice like it happened in my system and the change in sound quality was not small but rather profound.
Not to cut the corners after seeing and hearing the unit in person during one long weekend in Liechtenstein visiting dear friend, I decided that the period of waiting and thinking is over and that the time is right to commit to getting the unit from Lukasz. The agreement was swift, details agreed and then the period of waiting for delivery came which thank god passed rather quickly (yes that happens when you have two small kids/babies at home).
Along came the weekend in March when Lukasz flew from Poland with the LDMS and the rather quick installation finished in few hours with the deployment of his tweaks on spot and voila magic appeared in my room.
Music server – hm yes…that is the topic of many audiophile discussions in terms of – this is just another overpriced PC sold to HiFi nuts for many $$ who anyhow don’t hear any difference as with the cables where they claim there is a difference. Well, I’m in the camp who claims there is a difference so I proclaim myself to be a HiFi nut and I feel good about it. Anyhow LDMS is a dedicated music server powered by Windows server 2016 OS which is super-duper heavily tweaked by our computer guru (did I mention he’s a geek ) and to be honest I never asked about the tech spec but I’ll just tell you that without a break of sweat it up-samples the files to DSD512 and this is not a joke to do. So no muscle, no DSD512 – get my point about the tech spec.? Not to forget – LDMS is powered by the dedicated LPSU to provide the maximally clean source of electricity for seamless operation. For costumers with different visual taste LDMS is being provided in different front panel colours being silver and black anodised Aluminum (brushed or glossy) but also it can be equipped with exotic wood.
To get back and focus on user experience this unit is just phenomenal in this regard, as Lukasz gives you xyz options to be installed like Roon, JRiver, HQ player and I opted for Roon as I love the GUI and experience it provides. By several friends (who are super into this digital stuff) I got an advice to go for JRiver as it apparently squeezes additional few drops of juice, but I just could not go over ease of use with Roon vs JRiver.
Some might be the fans of Star Trek saga and sound quality wise LDMS is just equal to engaging the warp speed drive on USS Discovery vs my previous streamer and it takes you to another dimension of musical experience. It is above all musical, engaging, palpable, toe-tapping. Everything is homogenous, nothing stands out or missing. Bass digs deep while being defined and precise, vocals are bloomy and warm and the HF extension is splendid. I listen to all kind of music and it does not let you down on any genre. It lets you enjoy music for hours not making you feel fatigued. In audiophile terminology staging is fantastic in all directions and the playback of your favourite tracks & albums puts you right there with the performer.
One super important thing which needs to be mentioned in present day of mass consumer goods times where manufacturers don’t have time nor resources to take personal care about every single customer and about the upgradability of the current solutions. Is the LDMS mass market cheap product? As the warp speed is engaged it’s quite far away from that. Is it stratospherically expensive? Also not. But for the money spend on LDMS you will have outmost care and attention paid to you and your server by the man himself. If he discovers new tweak which might elevate your level of pleasure he will deploy it via remote session. If you unlikely get into some trouble, again the man himself will fix it remotely. If there is something you would like to change in the sound signature of the server, yes it is possible via his magical touch and again the man himself will do it remotely. If new and better hardware comes into the picture – yes the main himself will do it, but this time not remotely. Guess you catch my drift – outmost care for his customers and this is how you build your loyal base of followers.
Just to conclude shortly – if nothing else, make yourself a favour and give it at least a listen either as a home demo (highly recommended) or at some of the shows where LDMS is playing (and there are quite a few). As a good friend of mine would say: “Run and don’t look back. You’ll thank me later”

Goran Vukmanovic

Goran Vukmanovic

Lausanne, Switzerland

Over the years I have worked my way through several high-end music streamers and OS/software combinations. Always the goal for me has been to achieve the most life-like, natural sound possible. The Lucas Audio Lab LDMS has delivered all of this for me and then some!

I feel that what LAL have achieved here is astounding, the LDMS delivering music in a refined, natural manner that feels “analogue” and is utterly absorbing. The timbre of notes is so clear, dynamics are properly expressed and instruments placed in an expansive, open soundstage.

The LDMS is also a joy to use and is physically silent, responsive, stable and flexible. Most mobile devices (or even laptops) can be used as remote controllers. I have also been able to share the LDMS into other rooms by using it’s multi-room zone capabilities. For example, I am able to upsample to DSD in the main music system whilst simultaneously playing different (or the same) tracks as PCM to the office and my second system. No problem!

I must also mention the level of customer service from Lucas has been exemplary and some other hifi companies could learn a few things here ;-).

Overall the LDMS has hugely advanced my enjoyment of music at home and I’ve personally heard nothing better than this. Full marks from me!

Robert S

Robert S.

2018 Worcestershire, UK

“I am extremely happy with the build quality, sound quality, and features of the LDMS server. Just as important, given the complexity of the implementation, Lucas has been extremely generous and responsive both pre-sale and post-sale. A huge upgrade from my previous server/streamer in all respects.”

Ben G.

Ben G.

2021 CA, USA

“I’ll start with the conclusion. Buy this server! I am a long time vinyl, cd transport user who wanted to increase my musical knowledge through exposure to streaming. I also wanted superior fidelity in playback. I learned about the server reading many glowing reviews on the WBF forum. I contacted Lucas, discussed my budget and went with the best bang for the buck approach. The server delivers musical bliss. Fidelity is outstanding, it is dead quiet, and operates without glitches. Lucas backs his product up with exceptional support. He will address any questions promptly and will provide any updates to tweak performance to the highest levels. This server is competitive with the very best and a great value.”

Jonathan Schure

Jonathan Schure

2020 NY, USA